• How to Make Medicinal Herbal Oils for Salves and Liniments

    Herbal oils have been made for hundreds of years, and likely thousands. This was a method every mother and grandmother learned at the knee of their mother. Harvesting the green and growing medicines of the farm and forest, and adding them to oil based 'carriers', then infusing the oil with the properties of the herbs.
  • What are your plans for this Harvest Moon?

    The harvest moon is one of my favorite times. I love the fall - everything about it! The changing foliage, the cooler temperatures, sweater weather!And I love the harvest holidays, culminating with Samhain!
  • Using Essential Oils for Aches and Pains

    ...Enter essential oils. Not the essential oils from the MLM (multi level marketing) schemes. Not the essential oils from the high priced retail displays in places like Whole Foods...these are more affordable options you will make yourself. And yes, you CAN make them yourself. Follow a few general safety guidelines that I have outlined below and you can get soothing relief from (relatively) minor pain.
  • Being a Kitchen Witch...and other musings...

    A Kitchen Witch is someone who practices magic using items we consider mundane or common in our households. Instead of using expensive, colored or shaped candles, the Kitchen Witch might just use tea lights or even "emergency candles" from the hardware store. Instead of buying specific incense, the Kitchen Witch would likely make her own, using the herbs and spices in her kitchen cupboard.
  • How to Carve and Charge a Candle for Candle Magic

  • What is a Ritual Kit, and How is it Used

    A ritual kit is an organza bag with several items in it. It will always contain at least one candle, candle holder, anointing oil and instructions for use. It may also contain some or all of these other items: stones or crystals, herbs, incense, charcoal, salt, mirrors...whatever is needed for the ritual.Our Ritual Kits are designed around the principles of candle magic, and always include a candle magic spell.
  • Along came a spider...can a spider even BE a Totem?

    The concept of a "totem animal", as far as I am aware, is from Native American tradition. The belief was/is that certain animals when they appear in our lives are messengers, bringing us information and guidance.
  • How does Arachne's Web make Ritual Oils?

    The process for making ritual oils is varied, but this is how Arachne's Web makes our oils...
  • Do YOU believe in ghosts?

    Samhain or Halloween is a time for connecting to our ancestors. It is a time to reach out and potentially even attempt contact. The veil is at its thinnest on Samhain, so many use this time to attempt contact with their loved ones who have left this plane...
  • Dowsing: What is it, and how is it used?

    Dowsing has been around for a very long time. I have no idea when it began, but I do know that it was used by farmers and villagers for hundreds of years to find water before drilling for wells...