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Arachne's Web Book Club

The Arachne's Web book club is a place to find good books on Witchy topics, and share your thoughts and feelings with like minded people. The book of the month will be chosen by all of us - we'll vote on whitch ones sound best. In the case of a tie, I'll probably read them both - that's an option too. 

At the end of the month, a survey will go out asking which of the books you think sounds good for the next month. There will always be a write in space for a book you'd like to try or a subject you'd like to suggest. Then we vote and I send out the book title.

If you're too busy, you can skip a month. This isn't a subscription, just a way to meet up and chat about subjects we all love!


A Place to Share What We Love

Above all else, this book club is a place to join with other Witches, some brand new, some with many years experience and TALK about what we love! The zoom calls will be once a month, relaxed, and will encourage everyone's thoughts and opinions.  I hope you'll join us!

The first list of books will go out in September and our first Zoom call will be in October! Part of the first survey will be to see which night of the week is best for everyone.

To join, join our newsletter (below) and check the button for joining the book club. That will get you on the mailing list.

Make sure you set our email to your safe email list so it doesn't go to SPAM!

Book of the Month for December 2022

The Book Club has chosen!

For December, the book will post after our Zoom call on 12/3

We are discussing Bovembers Book - "Keeping Her Keys"!

If you'd like to join the discussion, we'll be doing the Zoom call on December 3rd! So go down to the Newsletter and click Join!

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